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Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Frank Andersen, I’m 54 years old and living in Copenhagen with my 19-year old son, my girlfriend

and a boardercollie called Lego. I provide services in art direction, film production, design, illustration and communication strategy.


I have worked in the advertising industry all my life, been at local creative agencies and six years at BBDO in Copenhagen. I have co-founded my

own Agency Umwelt A/S where I was Creative Director for 10 years. In the same period I co-founded a Web Agency named Magnetix A/S where I

was a member of the board.


In 2004 I sold my share of the Agencies and build a studio in my backyard to set out as an independent communications advisor and creative.

I have a strong network of senior people to call on when needed and there is no challenge we can´t solve. Call +45 2728 3949 or send me an

e-mail if you have further questions or jobs you would like to discuss.


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